Share Your Best Blogging Practices (#Blogging)

December 9, 2015

Upload-Campaign-Launch-blogging2It’s been more than 10 years since the first blog was created -- and the significance of this medium only seems to be getting stronger.

Just take a look at a few recent numbers. B2B marketers get 67% more leads if they use a blog; 80% of daily blog visits are new visitors; and 37% of marketers say blog content is the most valuable type of content marketing.

It’s no surprise then that we’ve seen so many great decks about blogging -- from creating an editorial calendar to repurposing your blog content.

<<Share your tips and tricks for #Blogging>>

View a few of our favorites below, and don’t forget to share your tips, too!

Creating a Plan of Attack

While blogging for some may be a leisurely activity done during free time, creating an editorial calendar can help with improving content, building an audience, and more. Former managing editor and current graphic designer Amanda Nagy shares why you need a calendar -- and gives four steps to build one out:

How to Overcome ‘Blogger’s Block’

Posting daily gets you 5x more visitors, according to this deck by developer Andrea La-Rosa. But knowing what to write on a consistent basis can be tough. La-Rosa provides resources to visit when you’re in a bind, including Quora, Google Trends, and Trello. Check out her other tips and tricks here:

Become a Blogging Expert

Blogging is like the gym, according to this deck by Hubspot. You have all the tools, but it’s hard. So, how do you make things a little bit easier? Among Hubspot’s tips: Write for people, not search engines; write five different posts on a single topic, then combine them into an e-book; and keep things informal.

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