What You Can Expect in 2016

December 3, 2015

Upload-Campaign-Launch-FUTUREOFBelieve it or not, there are exactly four weeks left in 2015. Many of you have already shared your insights on what we can expect in 2016 -- from the new trends we’ll see in marketing and media to the future of work and frontier tech.

What does the future hold for your industry? Which trends do you expect to stay for the long haul, and which will fall by the wayside?

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We want to hear your predictions for 2016. Share your #FutureOf deck, and check out a few of our favorites below:

#FutureOf: Frontier Tech

Frontier tech may not be a phrase you’ve heard of, but this industry -- which focuses on tech “related to drones, space, augmented reality, and virtual reality” -- is making waves. Some $3.2 billion has already been raised in equity since 2014 to help finance frontier tech companies. So what are the trends we should know? Drones are gaining momentum (investment activity has increased for four straight quarters); Google continues to be a leading investor; and we can’t discount the importance of space (space companies have raised more than $1.8 billion since 2014); and more. View other important stats and figures in the CB Insights report:

#FutureOf: Work

It’s time to prepare for the future of work -- even if you might not be a part of it. According to this deck by GoDaddy’s CEO, 45% of America’s workforce will be replaced by computers over the next 20 years. The solution? It’s time to use the technology replacing the workforce and leverage it to benefit small businesses. Learn more about how you can become part of the new economy of producers:

#FutureOf: Marketing

Salesforce Principal of Marketing Insights Mathew Sweezey delves into marketing trends for 2016 and how to break through the noise. This 59-slide deck is filled with informative stats (for example, companies that excel at customer service outdo their competition by 30% on the S&P index, and it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one negative one.) Find out more about what CMOs can expect (2017 will be your year), how to reach your audience, and more:

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