Looking Ahead: The Future of VCs, Tech & Media, Javascript and More

October 23, 2015

Futuristic empty room, 3D RenderingThe end of the year is fast approaching — which means many of you have already begun reflecting on the past year, while also preparing for the one ahead. So far we’ve seen decks on everything from the future of creativity and VCs to a reflection on SEO.

Check out a few decks highlighting what you need to know about industries ranging from technology and media to software and SEO:

9 Insights for Tech and Media

The average American has more than 31 hours of activity in a day due to multitasking — and more of that time is spent on tech and media than work and sleep, reports strategy consulting firm Activate. This isn’t the only surprising stat to come out of this deck. Find out the role messaging will play down the line, what the next “cable killer” will be, why getting rich from the App Store is just a pipe dream, and much more:

Why We’re in a Bubble

If there’s one thing Upfront Ventures’ Mark Suster and Kevin Zhang are sure of, it’s that “we’re in a bubble.” So, what can we expect in 2016? While many great companies are being created, having 50 new billion-dollar U.S. companies in 18 months; companies increasingly exiting at or below their last private valuation; and the rest of the market starting to show discipline are all factors to be wary of. See what conclusions these two venture capitalists came to:

How Google’s Rankings Really Operate

In this deck by Moz’s Rand Fishkin, he combines data and opinions to figure out just exactly what factors go into SEO. What exactly did Fishkin discover? The algo is flattening; links are no longer an overwhelming force in helping with SEO; and engagement data is on the rise. See what else the data revealed here:

The State of Javascript

It’s the State of the Union — for Javascript. This deck builds a timeline starting as early as 1950 and continues up until today. See where we are (from GUI and the “componentization” trend to spaghetto and GUIs), and what you can look forward to as a front-end developer, including more browser control, parallelism and concurrency, and web assembly.

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