What’s Next for VCs? Here are the Trends to Look Out For

October 16, 2015

looking for treasureIt’s official: The venture capital industry is bigger than ever before.

The first nine months of 2015 saw $98.4 billion invested into VC-backed companies. It was an 11 percent jump compared to 2014, which had been a record year for VC-backed investments.

With Square’s recent filing of its IPO (it went through nine rounds of funding to get to this point) and startups like Thumbtack raising funding at a $1.3 billion valuation, the role of venture capitalists continue to hold an important role in the growth -- and success -- of a company.

On SlideShare, we’ve seen insights from auditor KPMG International and VC data company CB Insights, as well as VCs including GGV Capital and GSV Asset Management. They share where venture capitalists should focus their efforts (keep big data on your radar, says GSV Capital), current and future VC investment trends across the globe (did you know Asia has the largest median for late-stage deals?), and more. Get the lowdown here:

VC Trends on a Global Scale

In Q3 2015, VC-backed companies raised $37.6 billion across nearly 1,800 deals, according to this deck. Among the other insights? Internet and mobile accounted for 67% of all deals last quarter (the next highest was healthcare at 12%); mega-rounds are still very much a thing; and unicorn investment remains high. Check out all the research in this 91-slide deck:

Why Big Data = Big Opportunity

GGV Capital, whose portfolio includes Square, says big data is where big opportunity lies. In fact, by 2016 the Internet of Things will be bigger than the mobile and PC industries combined. Still not convinced? GSV lists 6 significant areas of opportunity VCs can take part in. Read more about the opportunities and risks here:

How to Find the Next Big Thing

Is the future bleak for VC-backed companies? In 2014, VCs invested in 4,356 companies, but only 115 went public -- the best year since 2000, according to this deck by GSV Asset Management. So how can you make sure your investment gets the best bang for its buck? View the two conclusions you should take away -- as well as insights into the best areas for growth investing, whether we’re in a bubble or a boom, and more in this 175-slide deck:

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