The Biggest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

October 2, 2015

Upload-Campaign-Launch-marketingmistakesSometimes the saying “Any publicity is good publicity” just doesn’t hold water. After all, who could forget the tweet that brought down Justine Sacco’s career or the failed McDonad’s hashtag #McDStories? The list could go on and on.

There are plenty of best marketing practices out there. But what should we avoid doing as marketers? What should we know to watch out for before it happens?

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We’ve gathered a few of the best decks on Marketing Mistakes below.

Top 5 Integrated Marketing Mistakes

This deck by author Lauren Vaccarello discusses the biggest mistakes made in integrated marketing. Among them? Underestimating brand sentiment and translating without localisation. See what lessons she has to share here:

The Dark Side of Content Marketing

As this deck by Kapost states, “Often brilliance doesn’t come without folly.” Content marketing masters -- including OpenView Ventures’ Kyle Lacy and Velocity Partners’ Doug Kessler -- share some of their mistakes and lessons:

The Most Terrifying Catastrophes

Hubspot revealed the scariest tales from marketing agencies in their deck. And watch out — these situations to avoid have a spooky Halloween twist:

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Photo: Snap Decision/Getty Images