Professional Women: How do You Succeed in Today’s Competitive Landscape?

October 2, 2015

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg’s recent post about how women remain underrepresented in the workplace has brought new light to just how far off companies are in reaching equality in the C-Suite (it’s more than 100 years away!).

What will it take for the gap to close? How can companies and coworkers help bridge this divide? Share your best advice on how to succeed as a woman in the workplace, and tag your deck #WomenInLeadership.

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Check out a few of our favorites:

It’s In the Numbers

Sandberg’s nonprofit Lean In partnered with consulting firm McKinsey to conduct the survey referenced in Sandberg’s post. Among their findings? Women are not leaving faster than men (SVP-level women are 20% less likely to leave); senior-level women are less interested in advancing than their male counterparts (although entry- and mid-level women share similar aspirations toward getting promoted); and women of color are 43% more interested in becoming a top exec than white women.


Sidekick shares 20 lessons from 20 women worth more than $20 million. The deck incorporates successes, failures, and words of wisdom from individuals ranging from Sheryl Sandberg and Taylor Swift to Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams. View what these powerhouses have to say:

Scaling Your Business

How can you counteract the fact that female-owned firms are smaller than others -- and might even be shrinking? This deck provides a 4-step program to help women grow their businesses successfully:

Women in Politics

This PSA by UN Women features Suits’ Meghan Markle. “Today less than one-quarter of the world’s leaders are women. We need more because, when women lead, the world changes. We’re working to create a world where women lead.” See how you can join the movement.

A First-Hand Account

This illustrated deck by engineer and Fittr co-founder Kiki Schirr shows a typical week as a female engineer. View the entertaining deck here:

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