Level Up Your Content Strategy: Highlights From CMWorld and Inbound

September 11, 2015

cmworldinbound-BLOGTwo of the biggest conferences for marketers -- Content Marketing World and Hubspot's Inbound 2015 -- took place this week, with no shortage of headlines (and tweets!). CMWorld boasted guests such as actor John Cleese, author Kristina Halvorson, and content marketing expert Jay Baer, while Inbound's speakers included author Seth Godin, comedian Aziz Ansari, and Chelsea Clinton.

Of course it wasn't all just fun and entertainment -- working sessions ranged from building a content marketing strategy to attracting the right talent. Here are highlights from the two events:

Stacking Up Against the Competition (CMWorld)

You might think your content is great, but how does it rank against your competitors? TrackMaven analyzed 500 different companies across 24 industries including department stores, auto services, and computer hardware to determine who took the crown. Here’s what your content should aspire to:

Getting Started With Content Strategy (CMWorld)

NewsCred’s Head of Strategy Michael Brenner understands the challenge of fighting all the noise (and cat pics!) out there. So how can you break through the clutter? “Attract people through stories they love,” Brenner says. In his 78-slide deck, Brenner provides tips -- and a template -- to help you build out your content strategy, no matter what stage in the process you’re in.

Avoiding a Twitter Disaster (Inbound)

Search Engine Land founding editor and self-proclaimed “semi-‘Twitter famous’” person” Danny Sullivan addresses the ugly side of Twitter in his deck -- i.e. the side that can destroy your business and scare away customers. Sullivan shows us what exactly you shouldn’t be doing by providing both fail and win tips to help you engage your audience and reach Twitter success.

How Technology is Changing Customer Behavior (Inbound)

Kyle Lacy, OpenView Venture Partners’ head of marketing strategy, discusses the 7 trends affecting consumer behavior. For example, mobile is now seamless, Lacy says (A few quick stats: Americans spend 151 minutes per day on their phones, and 1 in 5 Google searches relate to location). How then can you capitalize on these changes and stay on top of the trends? See how you can accomplish this by becoming an “experience maker and manager”:

The War for Talent -- and How to Stand Out (Inbound)

Employees in the workplace are facing two major issues: 1) Finding great candidates to help alleviate their workload; and 2) Standing out amongst their peers, says Made by Many Managing Partner Leslie Bradshaw. The answer? Professional excellence, Bradshaw says. Her deck provides tips to shine at work (follow-through, dependability and excellence are just a few of the traits needed), and how embodying these will help you find talent just as good as you.