Hiring Best Practices: How Do You Attract Top Talent?

August 24, 2015

Hiring blogWith the recent controversy over Amazon’s workplace culture, it’s clear that hiring the right candidate can make or break a business -- and the employee. Recruiting top talent has always been a priority for most organizations, but in today's talent war, it's getting fierce.

Our September Upload Campaign focuses on just that: How do you find the right people who will help your organization grow? How do you win over the best and brightest with all the competition?

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We’ve chosen three decks below from recruiters and professionals sharing how they hire and create great teams:

The Essential Sales Hire

There are 4 distinct personalities when hiring salespeople, says OpenView Venture Partners’ Head of Marketing Kyle Lacy. Find out which ones to avoid -- and which one is the essential hire you need on your team today:

Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

After you’ve gotten some hiring experience under your belt, you’re bound to have learned a lesson or two along the way. See what these hiring managers say is the one biggest mistake they made -- then share yours, too:

How to Win Over Your Candidate in Writing

Job seekers look at 5 different factors -- including work-life balance and location/commute -- before deciding to accept an offer. How then can you emphasize the values most important to each candidate? Glassdoor shares tips for writing engaging job descriptions in this deck: