How to Ignite Your Creative Spark: 4 Must-Reads

August 21, 2015

shutterstock_178346282 blogCreativity: It’s a trait many desire, but isn’t an easy one to acquire. Like any skill, honing creativity takes practice, time, and fine tuning -- and then sometimes you're just "struck" with creative lightning. In today's world of competitive business innovation, marketing messages and hiring practices, being creative is key.

For our August Upload Campaign, we asked you to share how you fuel creativity. Here are four great submissions that will help you enhance creativity in both your personal and professional lives.

The Provocative Side of Creativity

Our world is made up of rules and answers -- but these aren’t what bring joy and innovation, says designer Joyce Hostyn. Instead, we must ask questions to transform the world around us. Here’s how to “find the questions that make the impossible possible”:

Creativity for the Non-Creative

You don’t need a tattoo or blue hair to become creative, says salesman Brandon Baney. Instead, try his four unorthodox ways to get your creative juices flowing.

Getting Creative With Your Presentations

Have you ever felt that your presentation was missing that “oomph” factor? It’s time to tap into your creative side. See the five tips presentation expert Dr. Michelle Mazur suggests for using creativity to create remarkable presentations:

The One Trait You Need in the Workplace

These days, creativity is essential to succeeding in the workplace, says Chief Creativity Evangelist Denise Jacobs. The good news? It’s a skill you can learn. Jacobs shares how to build a creative foundation that will help both you and your team shine at work.

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