Best Books: Your Picks for What to Read This Summer

August 7, 2015

bestbooks-blogLooking to squeeze in some last-minute summer reading? For one of our July Upload Campaigns, we asked you to share your favorite books. We got great picks: From books to help you understand global finance and master content marketing to books for teachers and aspiring business leaders, check out just a few of our favorites below. (View all Best Books here).

Creating a Simpler Life

Who doesn’t want a life that’s a little simpler, whether that means simplifying your thoughts, your food, or otherwise? See what life coach Barrie Davenport recommends you read to reach this goal:

Gain Control of Your Finances

This deck by Wiley recommends best books about money that both you and your kids can read together. Who said summer can’t be about learning?

A Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove

It can be difficult sifting through all the books about content marketing out there. Fear not: Author Roger C. Parker has compiled 50+ books for marketers to check out this summer:

View all Best Books and share your favorites, too!

Photo: donatas1205/Shutterstock