New SlideShare Lead Generation Tool Launches with Improved Reach and Conversion

July 21, 2015

leads-428x238 blogVisual content such as presentations, infographics and videos serve as powerful marketing assets that can connect existing and potential customers with brands. Content marketing has become a leading strategy for businesses, with almost 80% of CMOs citing content as the future of marketing.

Today we are announcing a way for brands to directly build their audience through Lead Generation on SlideShare, enabling marketers to identify key consumers of their content and connect with their audience. Leveraging SlideShare’s 70 million unique visitors a month, marketers are able to engage with professionals around the world.

Our new lead generation solution helps brands convert their viewership on SlideShare into high quality prospects. This launch features several important product features:

-Higher quality data on leads: Integration with LinkedIn Autofill so viewers can easily fill-out lead forms on SlideShare with their LinkedIn profile information

-More lead collection channels: Lead collection via mobile and embed traffic

-Improved lead form customization: Empowering brands to ask the questions they need to score and evaluate prospects

-Marketing automation integration: Seamless way for brands to connect their Marketo and HubSpot accounts to manage the leads they collect on SlideShare

Today brands such as CMI, HubSpot, and Marketo are already using SlideShare’s new lead gen product for their business goals.

For best practices to create content that will resonate with your audience, visit our Creator’s Hub. For more information on Lead Generation on SlideShare, click here.

Learn more about how you can leverage SlideShare for business here.