Upload Campaign: Your Best Advice on How to Lead and Inspire

June 29, 2015

leadership-blogLeadership comes in many forms. Whether it’s Taylor Swift asking Apple to compensate musicians participating in its music-streaming service, world leaders like UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and Pope Francis meeting to discuss climate change, or a waitress donating a kidney to a man she’s only known for three months, leadership can be inspiring, life-altering -- and necessary.

How do you exemplify leadership, whether in the office or at home? What are your tactics for being an effective leader? Who do you turn to for leadership inspiration? Join our Upload Campaign and share your best leadership advice.

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Here are a few pieces of leadership advice not to miss:

The Importance of Failure

Sometimes leading means failing -- and that’s ok, says Sabre Global Marketing VP Sarah Kennedy Ellis. Ellis shares how to get past the biggest blocker to personal and professional growth -- i.e. your ego’s fear of admitting failure -- and how you can ultimately learn to embrace the bumps in the road along the way.

Learning From the Best

In this new series by CNBC, leaders share their best lessons learned over the years. In this episode, Daily Mail North America’s CEO Jon Steinberg and Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal share how they lead and inspire employees. Among their tips? Pioneer process, stay in the foxhole, take more action, and try and fail.

How to Inspire Your Employees

Employee motivation is crucial to success as a leader -- after all, you’re only as great as your team. How then do you inspire them to go the extra mile? Make sure to focus on 3 intrinsic motivations: autonomy, mastery and purpose. View the nitty gritty of each here:

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