Mastering Marketing Analytics: 3 Decks to Help You Decipher the Numbers That Matter

June 24, 2015

analyticsAnalytics have become an integral part of marketing. If you’re feeling the pressure to deliver numbers, you’re not alone: In 2014, 6 in 10 professionals felt an increased pressure to become more data-driven. Yet there's so much data available these days, it's difficult to determine which numbers you should be tracking -- and which you can ignore.

These decks include best practices and trends for tracking metrics, so you can implement a successful analytics strategy -- and wow your team and boss.

SXSW Crash Course in Measuring Digital Marketing
SXSW has established itself as a hotbed for new technologies, ideas, and trends.  This presentation from the event in March will help you focus your digital marketing strategy, troubleshoot analytics problems, and create a measurement framework.

The Marketing Metrics That Matter

Tracking every metric possible, while a noble effort, is virtually impossible for even the most successful marketer.  It’s also unnecessary. This deck points you to the metrics that will mean the most for your business, so you don’t waste your time with superfluous statistics.

Move Beyond the View Count

When it comes to videos -- or any content, for that matter -- it can be tempting to keep your eyes glued to the number of views they receive. There are other important metrics to consider, however. This deck shows you how to look beyond the view count and gain comprehensive metrics-based insights.

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Photo: Emojoes/Shutterstock