Upload Campaign: The Future of Higher Education

June 1, 2015

HigherEducation-blogTech is transforming the way we learn. Not only are new software and tech tools revolutionizing the way students learn inside the classroom, but these new trends are flipping the entire model of higher education on its head. With the rising popularity of MOOCscoding schools and other forms of alternative education -- not to mention the increasing cost of tuition at many elite universities -- the future for higher ed seems unsure.

How have academia and learning evolved over the years, and where do you think they're heading? Share your insights and join this month's #HigherEducation upload campaign.

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Here are a few decks not to miss:

The Skills Gap

70% of students say they go to college to get a good job. However, 13% of recent grads are unemployed and 42% say their job doesn’t need a 4-year degree. Online education service Chegg looks into the current skills gap and what we can do to fix it:

Being Social in Education

“Social media creates new ways to learn without the communities and structures created by institutions,” says marketing expert Kyle Lacy in his deck on the disruptive impact social media has on higher education. So how, exactly, should we be teaching? See what Lacy has to say:

The Forces of Disruption

Corinne Weisgerber, an associate professor at St. Edward’s University, examines the proponents for disruption who are “from a pedagogically informed critical perspective” in her deck presented at SXSWedu. See how Weisgerber says we can flip disruption:

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