Bringing Content Strategy to Life: The Best of Confab 2015

May 22, 2015

confab15-blogThe world of content marketing can be considered a beast to tame with all the resources and opportunity out there. Fortunately, the challenge was made a bit easier this week at the Confab conference, where 650 “content strategy enthusiasts” came together in Minneapolis, MN, to exchange insights and best practices surrounding — what else? — content.

The event welcomed keynote speakers like Facebook content strategist Jonathon Colman and author Anne Lamott, and hosted breakout sessions led by Appropriate, Inc. brand and content strategist Margot Bloomstein and Snappy Sentences content strategist Sally Bagshaw, among others.

So how exactly can you, too, hone your content strategy? Here are a few insights from the conference:

Content that Stands the Test of Time

This deck by Facebook content strategist and Confab keynote speaker Jonathon Colman tackles how to create content that solves seemingly unsolvable problems while providing useful information for generations to come. While we can’t necessarily solve these “wicked problems,” Colman provides tips for content strategists on what you can do. (View the full transcript and video of Colman's talk here.)

The Evolving Content Strategist

Session host and Appropriate, Inc. content strategist Margot Bloomstein shares how we can keep the definition of content strategy flexible while evolving along with it. View Bloomstein’s three pieces of advice for content strategists and clients alike:

Words of Wisdom From Confab 2014

While the world of content marketing is always moving, some advice still holds true. Among the insights from Confab 2014 that still stand out? “All content should tie to business goals” and “figure out what the user wants from your content machine.” View the rest here:

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