4 Must-Read Presentations to Help You Excel as an Innovator

May 15, 2015

shutterstock_203648134-BLOGIn today's world, you need to be innovative to stay ahead. Just look at the companies and people succeeding today (we don't need to cite Apple or Elon Musk as examples, do we?). Of course, being "innovative" is much easier said than done.

Brian Solis, marketing guru and principal at Altimeter Group, a research firm that centers around disruptive technology, studies the business of innovation. He shared four decks with us to help business leaders stay ahead of the latest trends and keep innovating.

Innovating for Gen Z

Innovating is all about creating the trends of the future. That often means catering to the next generation. This deck by design expert Pamela Pavliscak covers Generation Z, the “truly digital natives,” and their impact on technology’s future. “Pamela Pavliscak of Change Sciences Group probably doesn’t know me and thus she doesn’t know that I appreciate her work. But that’s about to change,” Solis says. “See, she covers in this presentation the nuances of Generation Z, the young, ultra connected teens and tweens that follow their Millennial predecessors. This is the first truly digital generation and what they know, what they do, how and why is radically different than the millennials many struggle to understand.”

How to Innovate Like a Startup

It doesn’t matter how big or old your company is -- Board of Innovation’s deck provides 52 tools that will allow any company to innovate like a startup. “Change is hard. Businesses are slow to embrace what’s new or next. But all the while, innovation is constant and it either buoys or buries those in its path. The Board of Innovation here offers a solution: Act like a startup,” Solis says. “This fun, easy-to-read but also compelling deck shares 52 ways any company can act like a startup. There are some great ideas in here. More so, following just some, most or all these ideas helps any business start to create a culture of innovation.”

Questioning Innovation

Walter Isaacson, who penned the bestseller “Steve Jobs,” predicts where innovation is headed in this video by Simon and Schuster. “He’s tackling the history of innovation. In this short 2-minute video, he challenges us to reconsider the evolution of not only innovation but also the idea of it,” Solis says. “And that’s what I appreciate. Innovation starts with questioning everything.”

brian25 Must-Know Technology Trends

From cyber security and bitcoin to music and Hollywood, this deck by Solis delves into the biggest tech trends of 2015 and 2016. “I’m a big fan of thoughtful lists and not catchy listicles. As I study technology and behavioral trends, I’m literally amazed at the depth and breadth of the impact of technology on business and society,” Solis says. “I took the time to assemble what I think is an extensive but in no way complete list of all the fascinating trends shaping and reshaping our future. I’d love to hear what you see too!”

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