Best Tools and Apps for Marketers

May 8, 2015

Today's marketer has more outlets than ever before: Social media, blogs and video platforms are just the tip of the iceberg. No wonder it’s easy to get
overwhelmed when promoting in the 21st century. The good news is there are now dozens of apps, services, and other resources available to help you not only produce quality marketing content, but to keep track of it and help you draw insightful analytics along the way.

Check out these three decks to find out what you might be missing in your marketing toolbox.

9 Must-Have Marketing Tools for 2015 

Social media maven Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “There is a fundamental reason why big businesses go out of business -- because they don’t market and execute in the world we live in.” Well, you don’t have to be like those big businesses. Whether you’re looking for content inspiration or information about your customers, these resources will bring your marketing content into 2015 and beyond.

The Best Ways to Make Sense of Your Data

We know how important data is when it comes to marketing, but gathering the numbers is only the first step. It’s the story those numbers tell that really matters.  This deck provides resources for gathering the data, as well as tips for analyzing them, so you can learn from your previous projects and continue to improve your work.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools for Your Business

Marketing automation will not only help you effectively convert marketing into sales, but it can also save you time and make your life a lot easier. Is your business ready for automation? And if so, which tool is best for you? This deck offers you 10 of the best to choose from, so you can start turning your stand-out marketing into sales.

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