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May 4, 2015

IFIWERE22_MAY-SS_COVER-blogWhat do you wish you had known when you were 22 years old? With graduation around the corner, we're asking you to share your best advice for those just starting out in the "real world." What were your best lessons learned along the way? What would you do differently now? What do you wish someone had told you? (Read what LinkedIn Influencers wish they had known at 22).

Read and share best advice for graduates

When you upload, be sure to tag your SlideShare #IfIWere22. Here are a few decks to inspire you:

Deck of All Decks on Best Lessons Learned

In this 1,285-slide deck (yes, you read that right!), entrepreneur Ryan Allis shares everything he learned in his 20s --  from setting goals (“Those who write down and frame their goals are the most effective human beings at creating a better world”) and finding purpose (“Most people never create their life purpose. Instead they get sucked into the dreaded vortex of mediocrity”) to managing finances and creating change in the world. Here's his manifesto in all its glory:

Why Your Life Will Never Be “On Track”

"Setbacks, swerves, and curves await everyone,” Deepak Chopra warns young graduates. The spirituality leader says he received more setbacks in life than he could have imagined when he was 22. He shares how he overcame them:

Best Advice for Building a Career

If there's anyone who knows that a career "path" is oftentimes more like a winding, twisted, convoluted road, it's marketing strategist Edgar Diaz. He worked in a factory, as a baker, in public relations, and as a dance instructor before landing the account executive job he's in now. He provides his tips for having a successful career (and life):

Surviving Your 20s

Let's face it: Your 20s can be (extremely) overwhelming. As HeySuccess, a marketplace for international student programs, says, “Reality doesn’t match your expectation, and that’s okay.” Their deck is filled with encouraging advice that reminds us that we’re all figuring life out as we go.

Photo: demandaj/Flickr