Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know - Upload Campaign

May 1, 2015

shutterstock_176573198-blogBitcoin is at an all-time high: Q1 2015 was the cryptocurrency's best quarter yet in terms of venture capital investments made into its ecosystem, with $226 million raised. Still, the digital currency has yet to become mainstream -- just 8.4 million people have bitcoin "wallets," and adoption by businesses has slowed.

Is bitcoin just a passing fad, or will this new round of funding push it to actually be our "future of payments"? Moreover, what do you need to know as a consumer, investor or business?

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Here are a few bitcoin presentations worth reading:

The Simplest Way to Explain Bitcoin

Not sure how, exactly, bitcoin works? You're not alone. This deck explains it to you in a way that even a grade-school student would understand. It's great reading for cocktail party, if you need some talking points.

How to Obtain Bitcoin

OK, so you understand the premise of bitcoin now. How do you go about actually attaining and using the currency? This deck teaches you not only how to get a hold of bitcoin, but how to keep it safe.

The State of Bitcoin

Will bitcoin be the currency of our future? It helps to look at the numbers. CoinDesk's latest quarterly report details all data surrounding the cryptocurrency -- from adoption metrics and technology updates to VC investments and media coverage.