Finding Your 'Happy Place': Share Your Advice For Reaching (and Maintaining!) Happiness

April 3, 2015

shutterstock_146971178-blogWhat does it really mean to be happy? For many, happiness is an elusive state that can be tough to reach while trying to balance work, friends, family -- and your own personal life. Most of us can agree, though, that this is something we’d all like to aim for (there must be a reason Pharrell’s recent hit “Happy” was so popular, right?).

So how exactly do we get there?

This month’s Happiness Upload Campaign focuses on just that -- your best tips and advice on how to reach your inner peace, as well as how to live each day with a little more positivity.


Here are a few not to miss:

6 Must-Reads for Happiness

At a loss on where to start? These 6 books that will tell you how to improve your quality of life and work on personal development. The best part? All advice in these books are backed by science:

How to Create Happy Employees

Happy employees equal more productivity and success. So how can managers motivate employees so that they are more engaged? View 5 things that will lead to happier employees:

The Happiness of You

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it can be tough to focus on you. View how taking better care of yourself will lead to you -- and those around you --  living a more fulfilling life:


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