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April 1, 2015

Upload-Campaign-CultureCode-blogLast year we asked you to share the defining characteristics of your team or organization -- what differentiates your company culture and makes for a standout place to work? The response was great: We saw Culture Codes from Possible Health, InterContinental Hotels Group, IDEO, Spotify and many more. In fact, it sparked such a discussion, that we're focusing on company culture again for April's SlideShare upload campaign: Share with the world the DNA of your organization.

Indeed, "culture" is a buzzword among businesses today.  Harvard Business Review recently wrote: "Like aiming a rocket ship into orbit, if you get this [company culture] wrong from the start, your trajectory will only get worse over time."

For companies like Buffer, publishing a Culture Code was a way to foster and enforce their values and principles. "It helps us create a lot more structure and can guide us more actively in our decision making," Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich told us.

LinkedIn's sales organization used a Culture Code to help maintain culture as it scaled. Others like Hppy Apps use it to help recruit top talent and vet job candidates. Regardless of the intent, having a Culture Code is increasingly seen as a way to set yourself up for success.

So what's your Culture Code?

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Here are a few recent Culture Codes worth checking out:

 LinkedIn's Culture of Transformation

"Above all else, we are a culture of transformation," states the LinkedIn Culture Code. What does that mean? Focusing on making yourself, the company and the world better. Other values include "act like an owner," and "take intelligent risks." Here's the guide to success at LinkedIn:

Ownership for All: Percolate's Company Values
When software startup Percolate drafted its Culture Code and set of values, they asked themselves three questions in determining what to include:
-Does the value help someone actually make a decision in the moment?
-Does the value positively impact people (employees, clients, partners)?
-Is the value something someone can disagree with?
Here are the results:

Life at Dell
Since reverting back to a private company two years ago, Dell has no doubt undergone changes. So what's it like to work at the computer giant these days? Dell turned to its employees to tell the story of its company and culture:

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