Happy Design, Overcoming Perfectionism & More: The Best of SXSW 2015

March 23, 2015

SXSW2015Last week’s South by Southwest gathered together some of the best minds in tech, marketing and beyond, discussing topics ranging from the convergence of math and art to the impact of body language on design, Twitter lessons from world leaders and “slacktivism.”

Want to catch up on all the hot topics discussed at the annual conference? View the SXSW decks shared on SlideShare.

Here are a few highlights:

Design’s Role in Entrepreneurism

Design has become a “game changer” in Silicon Valley, says KPCB’s design partner and former Rhode Island School of Design President John Maeda. In his deck, Maeda covers today's top design trends, and how they’re changing our everyday lives:

Using Technology to Generate Happiness

There’s no shortage of discussion about how technology is hurting society, but we must remember the benefits, too. What if technology could be used to generate happiness and positive outcomes, asks design expert Pamela Pavliscak? See what she identifies as the 5 elements of positive design:

How to Get More Time In Your Day

While this deck focuses on how to stay productive at South by Southwest, there are tips in there -- from acing conference calendar etiquette to tightening up your session game -- that many of us can use whenever we’re away from our desk.

Playing With Perfectionists

We’ve likely all interacted with a perfectionist at some point, but do we know what makes them tick? This deck by designer Brian Sullivan addresses how to deal with designers who “continually talk about pixel perfect designs and bulletproof work.”

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