2 Trends Every Business Leader Should Keep Tabs On

March 13, 2015


A new technology or trend seems to pop up just about every other day. Which are passing fads and which will truly change the way we operate?

Jeremiah Owyang, an industry analyst who has worked at companies like Forrester Research and Altimeter Group, has made a career of identifying future trends. He shared with us “some of the most profound, insightful, and arguably the most accurate SlideShares” that every business leader should read if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

The New Way to Buy

Trend curator Rohit Bhargava gathers 15 major commerce trends into five categories in 116 slides while keeping it “snackable” and easily digestible, Owyang says. The deck shows “trends that will impact business spanning how commerce is impacted by Digital Detox, subscription based business models, instant entrepreneurs and more.”

jeremiahThe Rise of the Collaborative Economy

What can you do as a business in this new age of collaborative business models? “In this narrative-style presentation, we tell what business leaders can do, when people use Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Kickstarter, Odesk and more to get what they need from each other,” Owyang says.

About the Author

Jeremiah Owyang is the Founder of Crowd Companies, which focuses on how large companies tap the collaborative economy, maker movement, and customer collaboration. Prior, he was a founding partner at Altimeter Group and an industry analyst at Forrester Research covering social computing --the first phase of digital making and sharing.

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