The Best-Kept Secrets for Succeeding on Social Media (#SMSecrets)

March 10, 2015

SM-Campaign-SMSECRETSBetween all the different platforms, audiences and metrics, managing social media is messy these days. That’s why we asked you to share your top tips and secrets for success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more as part of our Social Media Secrets Upload Campaign.

From mastering Twitter for your business and using social media for travel marketing to the best times to post on the different platforms and how to build a social media following like Guy Kawasaki, we got tons of great tips and insights. Here are a few of our favorite social media secrets:

Social Media for Baby Birdies and Beginners

New to social media? Start off slow, says marketing expert Barry Feldman. From creating a thoughtful profile to uploading headers and background images, here are a few simple steps you can take to launch your social media presence:

Focus on the Visual

Many of us have heard the phrase “visual is viral,” and this phrase still holds true on social media. Author Jay Baer shares his top 4 photography tips to make your visual presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Snapchat even better (tip: you can ignore the Rule of Thirds for profile pictures).

Using Social Media for Your Personal Brand

We trust each other more than institutions, says marketing expert Michael Brenner. So how exactly do you leverage this to build your own brand? By using these social media tips:

No Such Thing as Social Media?

The term social media is an overused term whose meaning has evolved, says co-founder Nick Kellet. His deck explains how “social” and “media” are both similar and different, and how you should leverage both:

Using LinkedIn to Achieve Your Professional Goals

LinkedIn is known as the professional network, but how can we truly capitalize on all it has to offer? Wired Advisor Founder Stephanie Sammons shares 7 ways to leverage LinkedIn, including know your value, give to receive and get constantly active.

Generating Leads With Social Media

Social media is the place to be for lead generation, but you need to identify the 5W’s to make it effective, says marketing expert Abhishek Shah. View a breakdown of the 5W’s and how you can apply them to your business:

10 Steps to Social Media Success

Whether you are using social media for B2B, B2C or not-for-profit, these 10 social media tips -- including “show up” and “be generous in your contributions” --  from Chief Content Officer Heidi Cohen will help you achieve your goals: