Upload Campaign: Your Favorite TED Takeaways

March 2, 2015

TED_logo_rgb1-blogWith the annual TED conference a couple weeks away, we thought we'd take the opportunity to talk about one of presenters' favorite topics: TED Talks. Which are your favorite TED speeches? What makes them so compelling, and what are best lessons to be learned for other speakers?

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Here are three of our favorite TED decks to inspire you:

19 Travel Lessons From TED

Many say that traveling to a new part of the world is one of the best ways to grow and challenge yourself. Travel World Passport collected 19 of the best travel-related TED talks with advice ranging from how to make a radio antenna with ski poles (Ben Saunders) to why it’s good to build your house overnight (Robert Neuwirth) in Turkey. View the others here:

Speaking Tips & Tricks From TED

This deck by Dell brings together interesting tidbits learned from the best TED Talks -- for example, did you know your TED talk should be more than 12 minutes (the most favorited videos average 17:58 in length!). From top keywords to engage your audience to physical characteristics of the most successful speakers, this deck has all the information you need to make sure your next TED Talk is a hit.

Rebranding China

This TEDx presentation by Head of Operations at Oracle Special Projects Luke Lombe tackles how to “shape the world’s most misunderstood brand” -- i.e. China. He compares traditional China to its upcoming role as an innovation leader through film, green cities, modern infrastructure and more. View this deck to better understand this world superpower:

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