3 Decks to Help You Master Growth Hacking

February 27, 2015

growthhack-blog“Growth hacking” has quickly become the buzzword many startups use to explain how to acquire users and grow -- fast. But what does growth hacking entail, exactly, and is your company guaranteed to grow exponentially if you apply growth hacking techniques?

Mattan Griffel, co-founder and CEO of One Month, an online video learning platform, and Partner at GrowHack, the world’s first growth hacking agency for startups, certainly knows the ins and outs of this marketing technique. Griffel, who has served as an advisor to Pepsico, Bloomberg and First Round Capital, shared with us three top decks to read if you want to become at pro at growth hacking:

The 5 Steps to Growth Hacking Success

This deck by 500 Startups’ Dave McClure is “the holy grail of presentations on growth hacking,” Griffel says. In the deck, McClure provides the 5 steps that every startup needs to tackle -- acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue ("i.e. AARRR!"). “Dave McCure is awesome. His slides are really thought-provoking and almost intentionally ugly as hell (but that's his style). He's one of the godfathers of growth hacking, and some of the concepts he introduces in this presentation have gone on to become core growth hacking principles.”

What We Can Learn From Dropbox

Dropbox is a great example of growth hacking done right -- it gained millions of users in just 18 months of its initial launch with no advertising spend. How did they do it? “Dropbox is one of the most famous growth hacking case studies because it illustrates so many core growth hacking concepts – launching MVPs, ignoring best practices, channel testing, and optimizing for virality,” Griffel says.

Lessons From the Most Successful Growth Hacks

MattanIn Griffel’s deck, which is “the most popular deck ever created on growth hacking,” he focuses on real-world examples in this 123-slide deck. “I cover a lot of the best practices and tactics around growth hacking startups and case studies around how some of the most success startups got their first million users,” Griffel says.

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