Workplace Productivity: 3 Decks on Enhancing Learning in the Office

February 20, 2015

shutterstock_194620346You might think of learning as something that takes place inside a classroom, but with technology and processes constantly changing, learning in the workplace is now just as significant. Even learning has changed: New technologies have given many companies the tools to engage employees in new ways that can lead to a stronger work environment.

bethSo how do you put it all together, leveraging new learning techniques to enhance the skill sets of your workforce? Beth Kanter, a highly acclaimed trainer and learning specialist focused on networked approaches for nonprofits, shares 3 decks you must read if you want to take your learning to the next level.

Social Learning in the Workplace

What does social learning mean, exactly, and how do we integrate it into the workplace? This deck by Jane Hart is “a really good primer that defines social learning and how to get started,” Kanter says. “[It] makes the point that social learning isn't about forcing people to use social media in a course or to reinforce old ways of working.”

How to Make Learning Interactive

To liberate the conventional learning structure, we must introduce tiny shifts in how we meet, plan, decide and relate to one another, says Nancy White in her deck about online learning. “This is a fantastic deck that provides some great frameworks and approaches for making learning more interactive, plus is a great example of hacking the standard webinar format,” Kanter says.

Creating a High-Performing Workplace

Learning in the workplace includes 3 parts: training, performance support, and social learning, according to this deck by Harold Jarche. “For anyone that is doing training or work place learning, results matter. This deck talks about the challenge of transfer -- how does learning get applied for better job performance?” Kanter says.

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