Steve Jobs: What We Can Learn From His Success

February 2, 2015

stevejobs-blogApple reported historically high quarterly revenues, largely thanks to its iPhone sales, and few would deny that much of the company’s success can be attributed to the iconic Steve Jobs -- entrepreneur, inventor, visionary and former Apple CEO.

From Jobs' powerful presentations skills to his business philosophies, there's no shortage of learnings. View SlideShares on Jobs and share your favorite lessons from Jobs, too.

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Here are some top decks on Jobs:

Presentation Tips from the Master

Known for delivering awe-inspiring and captivating presentations, Jobs always practiced his presentations down to the last detail. From building on a central theme to demonstrating enthusiasm, here's how you can present like Jobs.

Best Jobs Quotes to Live By

No advice is better than advice straight from the source. Check out some of Jobs' most prolific words to live by:

Innovation Secrets of Steve 

Your passion is everything that you need in order to innovate. That's one of the principles Jobs lived by as he set to create products that changed the world. This deck by author Carmine Gallo details just how Jobs achieved his success: