PowerPoint Shortcuts and Other Hacks You Must Know

January 29, 2015

productivity-roundupEveryone wants to learn how to do things better and faster. That's why we asked you to share your best productivity hacks this month -- and we were not disappointed. We saw uploads on tips ranging from how to reach inbox zero to gaining back valuable years lost procrastinating and the best household hacks.

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Check out three of our favorite #Hacks decks:

Best PPT Shortcuts

PowerPoint doesn't usually leave a good taste in people's mouths, but with these five PowerPoint shortcuts, you might start thinking differently. Here's how to quickly duplicate an object, align shapes perfectly, and more in PPT.

24 Time Management Secrets

This deck by Iulian Olariu provides 24 simple changes you can make each day to become more productive. From being punctual to not reading the news, your productivity is bound to improve once these habits are adopted.

How to Get Things Done at Work

The office can be a swarm of distractions. What can you do to get more stuff done during your day? Check out these 17 workplace productivity hacks:

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