What You Need to Know About the Apple Watch and Other Wearables

January 28, 2015


This month we asked you to share your insights on wearable technology -- what we need to know now, and for the future. Indeed, it was a hot topic at CES, and with the Apple Watch set to ship in a few months, there's even more chatter about whether these devices will really revolutionize our lives.

Many of you weighed in, and we got lots of great submissions on everything from the future of wearable fitness to best practices for building wearables and important market stats.

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Here are three decks not to miss.

The Anatomy of Apple Watch

Apple Watch will ship in April and will potentially disrupt the app market. Will you hop on the bandwagon? Here's what you need to know about Apple Watch as a marketer:

A Future in Wearables

Wearables are just taking off now -- what will our world look like in a few years? How will wearables change the way we do things? Here are 14 predictions:

Health and Wearables

The healthcare industry is often cited as spaces wearables could truly revolutionize. Here's a peek at how, exactly, our health could benefit from these devices:

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Photo: Kluis/Shutterstock