5 Ways to Supercharge Your Content Marketing With SlideShare

January 14, 2015

contentmarketing-blogBy Ann Smarty

As most of us know, presentations work great for content marketing: They are visual and engaging, and as a result they diversify your content portfolio and expand your promotion channels. Here are 5 ways (plus a bonus one) to make the most of SlideShare presentations as a content marketing tool.

1. Tell A Visual Story

There’s no doubt that personal stories are the best content inspiration source. To amplify your story’s message further, try leveraging the power of visuals.

Try using a standard infographic grid template. You can fill it with engaging content that does more than state data, and instead engages the reader in a way that evokes an emotional response.

Maybe that response will be laughter, or tears, or even outrage. Whatever the case, making the reader feel something is the simplest way to make them remember your SlideShare... and come back for more.

Emiland De Cubber's deck is a great example of a memorable personal story told via a presentation:

2. Embed SlideShares Into Your Landing Pages

You can use a SlideShare to give a preview of a product, explain a concept, or just connect with the reader. Then you can embed that presentation into your landing page, with hyperlinks in your slides to other information, blog posts, or even the product itself.

When using this tactic, make sure you aren't making your landing page too busy. The images and text on the page should be simple, so the SlideShare content enhances it.

Marketo is a great example of a company using SlideShares to enhance their landing pages:


3. Enhance Your Blog Posts

As with a landing page, you can also embed your SlideShare content into blog posts. These should be used to enhance the content you have written, rather than the other way around. Use your call to action to ask people to check out other presentations.

I've had a long relationship with SlideShare: I started using it in 2008 when I tried it as an alternative way to share my guest post with my personal blog readers. I simply grabbed all the screenshots and put them together into a brief deck. My readers loved it!

Now more than six years later, I am still using SlideShare to enhance my blog posts by giving a quick visual re-cap of what was said in a blog post:

Tip: Make sure you have a widget for your SlideShare account somewhere in your sidebar.

4. Take The Chance To Show, Don't Tell

No one goes to a SlideShare presentation wanting to read a lot of text -- it's a platform for visual communication. You should be taking advantage of visual content, and only putting in a small number of words for the sake of context. Always remember the adage of “show, don't tell” when creating your presentations. The more effectively you can do this, the better received the presentation will be.

At the same time, don't use too many images, or overcrowd your slide.

This is a great example of how powerful your visual message can be:

5. Use Visuals To Brand Yourself

The more you publish, the more important it is to brand your content. Too many people throw in a watermark and leave it at that. You can actually brand the look of your presentations by remaining consistent in template, colors, certain images, and your logo.

Take the opportunity to introduce people to you, your brand, and your ideas in a recognizable fashion.

I like how GetResponse brands their official SlideShare channel: Very simple, yet clean and memorable:

Bonus Tip: Track Your Progress

Use SlideShare Analytics to analyze what seems to be better received by the users: This is a great way to understand your audience better! It’s free and gives you a daily snapshot of your channel views, comments, downloads and likes.

My favorite section is the "Actions" tab, which shows viewer engagement with your decks on social media (I use this information to build my SlideShare following by connecting to users who have interacted with my content).

To monitor my team progress on SlideShare I use a dedicated SlideShare dashboard on Cyfe. You can connect an unlimited number of SlideShare accounts to it. This is a great solution for social media team managers.

Do you have any tips for supercharging your content marketing on SlideShare? Let us know!

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