Weekend Reading: Becoming the Leader You Aspire To Be

December 5, 2014

shutterstock_197557883Some of the world's most renowned business executives and political leaders -- including IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush -- came together at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council this week to discuss their priorities that will shape 2015. Talk about a room full of power!

How did they all rise to the top? What embodies a great leader and how can you be one, too? There's lots of leadership advice out there. Here are three great decks that caught our attention. (View more Leadership & Management SlideShares here.)

What NOT to Do

Let's start with what not to do as a leader. It’s certainly easy to get overwhelmed in a leadership role and to become that manager no one wants. Here’s how to make sure you don’t become a nightmare manager:

The Black Magic of Leadership

“Get help, immediately.” That is one of many lessons that Sauce Labs VP of Engineering Adam Christian shares in his deck about managing a strong engineering culture. Here are his other tips:

Getting in the Startup Mindset

It can be hard leading within a big company. Start with a lot of small wins, and encourage multi-disciplinary teams, says entrepreneur Steve Blank. His deck on how to change your managerial mindset will guide you on your way to becoming a leader, no matter how large or small your corporation:

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