Weekend Reading: Rent, Buy, Sell -- What You Need to Know About Today's Real Estate Market

November 7, 2014

shutterstock_111456956Are we experiencing another real estate bubble? What's the state of today's market? Should you buy now, or rent -- or sell?

Real estate professionals from all around the world descended on New Orleans, LA today for the National Association of Realtors Conference & Expo. As they discuss the latest surrounding the real estate industry, we thought we'd give you some insight, too.

Check out our Real Estate page for tips and advice for realtors, homeowners and renters alike. Below are a few of our favorites:

The Millennial Renter

How do you market to millennials when it comes to property? If you’re a property manager, make sure to offer an online payment option to your millennial renters. 38% of millennials prefer to pay rent online, while 22% have never even written a physical check. View other surprising facts you need to know about renting to this younger generation:

A New American Dream

No longer is the dream to own a home, says real estate company North American Properties. In fact, home ownership has reached a 19-year low, with many people choosing to live in apartments. Here's why people are now choosing to rent:

To Buy or To Rent?

The real estate market can be a fickle one, but now is a good time to buy, says realtor David Thomas. A renter paying $1,200/month will spend $14,400 a year in rent with no deductions, while you would pay less than that to own a $210,000 home. Here’s why:

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