Fun With Economics: 21 Short Videos That Explain the U.S. Economy

October 21, 2014

When we hear the word “economy,” we conjure up images of Wall Street and investment bankers, with terms like “GDP” and “supply and demand” floating around in our heads. It’s a complex topic for those who didn’t study finance (or perhaps even for those who did!), and most of us have difficulty grasping how exactly our economy really works.

In a new film series released today titled “We the Economy,” A-list directors and economic experts gather to answer 20 basic questions about the U.S. economy “in a way that even a goofball like me would actually begin to understand how it all works,” writes one of the series’ directors Morgan Spurlock. The 21 short films -- which you can watch on SlideShare -- use animation, comedy, dance and more to make the intimidating topic digestible by the general public.

Who knew learning about the economy could be so fun?

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View the trailer:

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Photo courtesy of We the Economy