Your Presentations Are Now Bold and Beautiful on the New iOS 8

October 2, 2014

When it comes to mobile, our collective appetite for bold and beautiful is virtually limitless. That’s good news -- because today, we’re announcing our first-ever iOS app, designed for iOS 8, built on SWIFT, and optimized to shine on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It’s about delivering the personalized professional content you want when you need it through a beautiful viewing experience you’ll enjoy.

Discover customized information you can use

Personalization is what separates good from great. It’s not just about accessing our 15 million expert presentations; it’s about immediately viewing the ones that are also personally relevant to you. The SlideShare app delivers a tailored feed of presentations based on what your trusted network uploads and likes, categories of information you care about, what’s popular in your network, and our editor’s pick.

Get insights you need when you need them

We rely on our networks -- of trusted friends, colleagues and mentors -- to help us stay current and accelerate our own learning and expertise. With the SlideShare app, you’ll be notified when someone in your network uploads something new. Plus, if you’re using SlideShare on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’ll get two customized “SlideShares of the Day” that regularly refresh in the Today section of your Notification Center -- without even opening the actual app.


Bigger really is better

It might be stating the obvious, but big screens bring out the best in presentations. They’re even easier to read and look more striking when showcased on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You can view full-screen, full-color presentations in either portrait or landscape mode on any iPhone running iOS 8. Save presentations for later when you’re offline -- check them out on your subway commute or as you’re prepping for a big meeting. Share your newfound knowledge with others: Like and share presentations with email and text messages.

You can download the iOS app here to check it out. Android users, we’ve got you covered too -- our app was recently updated with new features (details here) and it’s available in the Google Play store.

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