A New Way to Find and Customize Visuals for Your Presentations

September 24, 2014

After spending countless hours looking for the perfect icons and images for class and internship presentations, Emilien Dantony and Kevin Berrebi, recent graduates of the Emlyon Business School in France, realized there had to be a better and faster way of finding the right visuals.

"We used to spend hours looking for icons on Google images. When we found the one we wanted, we couldn't even customize it," Berrebi says. "We ended up with a lousy presentation with no visual aesthetic."

The result of this frustration? SlideTemple, an online presentation tool box launched by Dantony and Berrebi in April that offers free, customizable icons, templates, and maps to help you achieve the look you want for your deck. Their library includes more than 100 icons, which include anything from buildings to clocks and baby strollers, eight templates, and 13 maps. Users can download the visuals in PowerPoint, then can change the color, size and other characteristics as needed.

So far, Berrebi says the biggest hit has been their S.W.O.T. plot matrix. While someone can make their own in PowerPoint, he says time creating matrices adds up.

"For an icon/map, it is impossible [to customize] only with PowerPoint," Berrebi says. "You need to know how to use other software programs, which takes much more time."

He adds, “SlideTemple is a long-term project for which new content and features will be added regularly.”

Need an example of how to best take advantage of SlideTemple? View their SlideShare below!

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