Turn Your SlideShares into Animated GIFs

September 16, 2014

Want to make your SlideShares a little more lively? Now you can -- literally.

GifDeck, a new tool developed by one of our Delhi-based engineers Jai Pandya, will convert your SlideShare into an animated GIF. Merely go to GifDeck.in, paste in a SlideShare URL, and out comes an animated version of that deck. You can then embed the GIF in an email, blog post or post it to Twitter.

"I made GifDeck mainly to scratch my own itch," says Pandya, who developed the tool over the course of a weekend. "I wanted to send across a presentation via email on an internal mailing list, and just showing its thumbnail wasn't enough."

You can adjust how long you want each slide to appear, how many slides you want to included and the size of the GIF. Here's one of our SlideShares turned GIF:

Let us know what other features you want to see in this tool, in the comments below!

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Photo: Blan-k/Shutterstock