App Update: Discover and Follow Authors Who Matter to You

September 4, 2014

People matter. We know. That's why we've updated our mobile app so that you can now discover great presentations from the people and experts who interest you -- and follow them -- all on-the-go.

We constantly listen to feedback from users like you, and the most asked-for feature since we released our app in April has been the ability to find interesting and relevant presentations from your friends, colleagues and industry influencers. With our latest app update released to Google Play today, you can now:

- View presentations uploaded and liked by people you are following on SlideShare, as well as those following you

- Follow people who interest you, and receive notifications when they upload or like presentations you also might be interested in

- Easily view all SlideShares an author has uploaded

- View a list of everyone you are following

- Learn more about authors by viewing their LinkedIn profile (their SlideShare account must be connected with LinkedIn)

We hope this update will allow you to better discover the content you need to excel at what you do. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Download the SlideShare Android app

Don't have Android? Stay tuned for the release of our iOS app!

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