The Best of Robin Williams: A Presenter's Tribute

August 13, 2014

If anyone could capture an audience, it was Robin Williams. The way the famed actor could draw in his audience, hook us on his every word -- laugh one minute, tear-up the next -- is the envy of any presenter. The world of storytelling and presenting has certainly lost a legend with the death of Williams.

His life is a lesson to us all. Here are a few presenters' tributes to the iconic comedian:

Williams' Words of Wisdom

Whether in movies like "Goodwill Hunting" or shows like "Sesame Street," Williams always seemed to have something poignant to say. Here are some of his best quotes through his career:

A Life in Photos

Mrs. Doubtfire. Mork. Genie. Williams took on the faces of many renowned characters in his career. Relive the moments that made Williams so incredible:

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Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock