All Things Apple: Learn and Share What Makes the Tech Titan Tick

August 1, 2014

Let's admit it: We're obsessed with Apple. From the late Steve Jobs to the latest iPhone, Apple's culture and crafts capture attentions far and wide.

So we've launched a new page on SlideShare which covers all things Apple. From Apple's earnings reports to Steve Jobs’ philosophy and previews of product releases, this is your go-to place to learn everything you'd ever want to know (and more!) about the tech giant. We also encourage you to upload and share your own insights on Apple!

To whet your Apple-tite (sorry, couldn't resist!) check out these three SlideShares on Apple:

Build Your A-Team Like Apple

Steve Jobs didn't achieve his level of success without the help of others. Learn his lessons on leadership, teamwork, communication and more to find out how you can also build a world-class team:

Apple's Financial Future
There's no denying that Apple is a formidable company -- but how long will it last? Get a detailed analysis and summary of Apple's Q3 2014 results here:

Keeping Up With Apple Engineering
Apple's new programming language Swift has developers talking. But what is it exactly, and how easy is it to learn? Check out this intro to Swift:

View the Apple page here.

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