Weekend Reading: Presentations on Making Killer Presentations

July 25, 2014

Presentation tips are always -- and naturally -- a hot topic with the SlideShare community. What's best advice for making a killer deck? There's plenty of advice, on everything from design to structure and delivery. More recently, three presentation pros shared their top tips for creating an outstanding presentation.

10 Hacks for Up-leveling Your Deck

Designer Orsolya Nemes knows a thing or two about creating stand-out SlideShares: Her top presentation has fetched 620,000 views. She provides quick tips for taking your deck to the next level:

Captivating a Live Audience

So you've created your deck -- now what about the delivery? For most of us, that's the hardest part. Presentation design company Edison Red gives advice on everything from handling difficult questions to kicking off your speech.

What's Holding You Back From Publishing Your Next Deck

According to esPrezo, it's fear -- we make excuses for not diving in and creating an awesome SlideShare. The presentation agency outlines how to overcome what's holding us back.

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