A #CultureCode for Universities

May 21, 2014

The importance of culture doesn't apply to just companies -- great culture is critical for all organizations, including schools, sports teams, nonprofits and clubs. For HashtagNYU, a small division of New York University’s Student Affairs office, a Culture Code is just what they needed to help show the university and beyond what they were all about.

The tiny team -- just four employees, plus a group of interns, that focuses on meaningfully connecting students with the large university -- published a Culture Code in 2013 that listed their initiatives. "We succeed and fail together," "we work until it works" and "we bleed purple" are some of the values they listed.

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"As a new and small office within a larger division at NYU, we felt that it was important to be intentional about our culture, and about how we approach projects, from the start," says Guido Ditto, creative strategist at HashtagNYU.

The deck has received almost 50,000 views. In June, HashtagNYU will discuss the importance of creating an intentional culture at NASPA Region II Conference, a higher education conference. HashtagNYU's deck was a big part of their proposal to speak, Ditto says.

"Our Culture Code has encouraged our team to focus on specific goals and to share those priorities with our colleagues," Ditto says. "We're all just trying to get people on the same page."