100 SlideShares in 8 Months

April 25, 2014

100 SlideShares. 260,000 views. 8 months. Those are Fit Small Business's numbers on SlideShare. If you do the math, that's an average of three new SlideShares a week!

How does FSB -- a firm that offers small business advice and only came into existence eight months ago -- do it?

"When we started Fit Small Business, we did not know how small business owners and managers wanted to consume content. Did they like articles, SlideShares, videos? We started out doing all three," says FSB co-founder Marc Prosser. "As we saw which mediums got the best response, we have decided to focus on articles and SlideShares."

Prosser says each deck, which typically has about 25 slides, requires two people contributing to it: One person writes the text for the SlideShare, and another person designs it. Most SlideShares are derived from a longer article they've posted on their blog, written by a third person.

Having published so many SlideShares in such a short time, FSB has learned some lessons along the way. Among them: Don't cram everything you have to say into one deck.

"Make the SlideShare more visual and [with] less text," Prosser says. "We crammed way too much text into some of the original SlideShares. SlideShares are about communicating big ideas, not small details.  It's okay not to share everything that you know about a topic."

It's important to divide labor too, he says.

"Don't use the valuable time of executives and managers to create the perfect-looking presentation," Prosser says. "That is not their skill set and it's very inexpensive to outsource this part of the process. We have a virtual assistant find images and do all the formatting."

Still, at three SlideShares a week, it's a lot of content to create. To keep up their pace, Prosser says they focus on two tricks: 1) popular topics and 2) lists.