SlideShare on Mobile: Bringing Presentations into the Mobile Age

April 16, 2014

The world is mobile, and so are presentations. You’ve probably grappled with pulling up a presentation on your phone while running to a meeting, right? Or wished you could reach into your pocket and showcase a deck to better illustrate your point?

We hear you. Today we’re excited to introduce three new SlideShare products designed to give you an awesome mobile experience: our first mobile app, a completely redesigned mobile web experience and a mobile preview feature for uploads on desktop. Combined, these products make it easier to access, view and share your presentations on-the-go, but they also help you with what SlideShare does best: Discover content through people and people through content.

Our New App: A Beautiful Viewing Experience – and Personalized Content --- in Your Pocket

Our new SlideShare Android app brings you relevant, interesting and personalized content that also looks great and is easy to read on your phone. With our app, you can:

- Follow the latest insights on topics of your choice

- See presentations uploaded by friends and colleagues

- Save SlideShares to read later or offline

- Share your favorite presentations with your friends and social networks

Since mobile content is all about quick and easy consumption, our designers came up with an innovative way to quickly scan content: You can swipe through a deck without leaving your feed of presentations. Once you discover a presentation you love, you can view it in full-screen and zoom in as needed.

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