Weekend Reading: TED Inspiration from the Past, Advice for the Future

March 21, 2014

Luminaries ranging from Bill Gates and Larry Page to Sting and Tim Berners-Lee came together this week in Vancouver for the TED 2014 conference. In honor of the annual gathering, we’ve pulled together the best TED- and TEDx-related decks from years past.

Talk Like TED 

TED talks are notorious for being captivating, inspiring and highly insightful. How can you speake like a TED presenter? Author Carmine Gallo says there are 3 unbreakable laws of communication that can help you “talk like TED”:

A Lesson in Work-Life Balance

It's a topic many TED speakers have tackled. TEDx presenter Nigel Marsh says you must focus on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual all at once. Here's a recap of his speech:

The Best of TED

TED talks are great because they not only inspire -- they also oftentimes remain relevant years later. This SlideShare compiles the top 3 TED Talks from 2009:

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