Weekend Reading: Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin

March 7, 2014

Yesterday's media frenzy surrounding the identity of bitcoin's creator brought the virtual currency to new levels of attention. The elusive currency -- which is now finding its way into everyday transactions -- has certainly captivated the world. But what exactly is it? How did it start and how does it work? Why is it getting so much attention? And is this a bitcoin bubble, or is bitcoin here to stay?

Here's what you need to know:

Bitcoin 101

This deck by Maps of the World covers everything you need to know about bitcoin, from what it actually is (a form of decentralized electronic money) to how it’s traded, purchased and more. It also looks at the history and future of the currency.

The Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Digital currency site CoinDesk analyzes bitcoin’s trends, challenges and opportunities. Did you know the total number of merchants accepting bitcoin recently tripled to more than 3,000?

How Bitcoin Affects Your Business

There are now bitcoin ATMs, and homes are being sold for bitcoin. Should your business start accepting the currency? This deck looks at how bitcoin may affect you and your business:

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