Nancy Duarte: SlideDocs, the New Form of Business Communication

February 24, 2014

By Nancy Duarte

I received a text message three days ago from my niece who works at a CPA firm that delivers a lot of technical presentations. Her message said, “…Many presentations are quite boring and ineffective. Unfortunately, the information the presenters are trying to convey is actually important, but I find it very difficult to pay attention to the material.” Of course, my niece is exceptional (really, all my nieces are), but she also knows that one day she’ll have to develop and deliver these presentations herself. So, she asked, “Is there anything I can read as to how to effectively create a technical presentation? I know that you can only make accounting standards and auditing strategies so exciting, but there's GOT to be a better way to do it than I'm currently seeing. Thanks!”

Many people will listen to what I just said and say, “It’s time to kill the presentation.” Presentations aren’t to blame here; they’re one of the most powerful tools we have for moving an audience. The secret is in both how we use the software and how we deliver what we create. So, how do we do it better?

My new book Slidedocs, a free, downloadable e-book I've released on SlideShare, is about using presentation software to create compelling visual documents. And we’ve practiced what we preach by writing and designing the book in PowerPoint and distributing it on SlideShare — using the medium as the message.