With Love, From SlideShare: Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

Today is the holiday that many either love or hate -- Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re celebrating with a special someone, hanging out with friends or flying solo, take a moment out of your day to check out these 3 SlideShares about love:

Where did this holiday filled with Hallmark cards, roses and chocolate exactly start? It all began in 700 B.C. at a wild Roman fertility party, and has since become a multi-billion dollar industry.

This year, consumers’ wallets are fuller than ever before, with shoppers spending an average of $130.97 today on Valentine's Day gifts. Even more surprising? $8.6 million will be spent on sparkling wine. Take a look at the breakdown of the billions of dollars that get put towards Valentine’s Day each year.

Valentine’s Day is a significant holiday for brands, too. A consumer survey by Responsys looks at what makes someone love a brand or break up with it, and provides 4 tips to avoid the dreaded breakup.

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