Best Productivity Hacks

January 22, 2014

We all wish we could have just one more hour to the day (or 10!). Since we can't slow down the sun, how do we speed up ourselves? What are top tricks for optimal time management?

LinkedIn's Influencers have shared their favorite productivity hacks. Among them: Prepping presentations on the treadmill (entrepreneur Inge Geerdens), creating a "hierarchy of needs" (author Dan Ariely) and working at 4 a.m. (business leader Sallie Krawcheck). Read all LinkedIn Influencer productivity hacks here.

There's no shortage of productivity advice on SlideShare, too. Perhaps the most famous deck on time management is product-design consultant Etienne Garbugli's "26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known at 20." His advice: Create constraints/limitations and value (and thus treat) your time at $1,000/hour. (Read our blog post on how Garbugli created this viral SlideShare.)

A more recent presentation by  Simplify360 offers hour-by-hour tips for making the most of your day. Get ready to start things early!

Online learning company says to break your goals into smaller targets -- and to just say "No."

WikiBrains suggests being a contrarian, and challenging your mind and body.

What are your favorite productivity hacks? Share them in the comments below, or better yet, upload a SlideShare!

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