Presentation Templates We Like

December 30, 2013

Have to create a presentation but don't know where to start? Or need some design help to boost your deck? Thankfully, not every presentation has to start with a blank white slide -- there are dozens of free, downloadable presentation templates that can help you with everything from crafting a business pitch to laying out your design. Whether you use a template in its entirety or merely for inspiration, it can certainly serve as a jumping-off point. Here are a few worth checking out:

HubSpot’s Sample SlideShare

This template is specifically designed for SlideShares. Not only does it provide some basic design rules and a number of layouts to choose from, it also shares tips and tricks - such as including a CTA at the end of your SlideShare - to optimize your presentation.

The Planner’s Template

Comms planner Julian Cole provides a beautifully-designed template for strategic planners. Included: Slides meant to showcase campaign calendars, KPIs, data, ecosystems and more. He even gives you a library of icons.

A 12-Slide Pitch Deck

Have a pitch to make? This template from Improve Presentation comes with 12 ready-to-go slides that cover everything a potential investor might want to know -- from who your team members are to your business model to and competitive analysis. It’s a minimalist design that focuses on the key points.

Prezi's Charted Territory

Prezi recently added 42 easy-to-use templates and 16 new fonts to its site. Among them: Templates for family trees, blueprints and timelines. Creating organizational charts just got fun! (Prezis can be downloaded as a PDF and then uploaded to SlideShare.)

What are your favorite presentation templates? Tell us in the comments below!

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